Zihui Zhao     pronounced as Zǐ-huì

Office: Simonyi Hall 219
Email: zzhao [at] ias [dot] edu


I am a member at the Institute for Advanced Study during the Sepcial Year on Variational Methods in Geometry. My mentor is Prof. Camillo De Lellis. In June 2018 I graduated from the University of Washington, and my advisor was Prof. Tatiana Toro.

Starting from August 2019, I will be a Dickson Instructor and NSF Postdoc at the University of Chicago.


Broadly speaking my work lies in the intersection of geometric analysis, geometric measure theory, harmonic analysis and PDEs.

In particular I am interested in the properties of the harmonic and elliptic measure, how they are related to the geometric characterization of the domain considered and the boundary behavior of solutions to elliptic PDEs. I am also interested in regularity problems of minimal surfaces.

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